Mitacs Funding Opportunities Theme for Upcoming Webinar Building Better Research – The Brock News

Brock University students, recent graduates, and postdoctoral fellows are eligible for a variety of programs offered by Mitacs that support research partnerships and international connections.

Mitacs is a national not-for-profit organization funded by the federal and provincial governments whose mandate is to help stimulate research and innovation to support the Canadian economy.

An online presentation planned for Wednesday, Nov. 2 from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. will discuss the programs available, the types of projects being considered for funding, the benefits for scholars and students, and the resources and support available through Brock.

The Introducing Mitacs session is part of the Building Better Research professional development series offered jointly by the Office of Research Services and the Brock University Library for strengthen research efforts at the University.

Greg MacNeill, Brock’s Mitacs Business Development Officer, will lead the presentation and discuss several Mitacs funding opportunities including:

  • Mitacs’ flagship program, Accelerate, which supports research partnerships.
  • Paid internships that bridge the gap between universities and non-university partners, such as for-profit companies, non-profit organizations, hospitals and municipalities.
  • The Globalink program suite that supports international travel for students and postdoctoral fellows at many international academic institutions.
  • Support for startups working with university incubators to establish international relationships.

“These collaborations provide students and postdocs with funded opportunities to expand their professional network and gain experience outside of the normal academic setting, while performing work that can be included in their thesis research,” said MacNeill.

Examples of current and past projects funded by Mitacs are available on the Mitacs website.

Brock faculty and students interested in attending the Mitacs Primer can register via ExperienceBU.

Upcoming Building Better Research sessions, including the five presentations scheduled for November, are listed on the series webpage.

Jessica C. Bell