Miami Flood Issues – Public Meeting Topic

‘Decades of flooding’ issues prompt hundreds to run for mayor

MIAMI, Okla. – Residents and city leaders of Miami gathered in a town hall meeting tonight (6/10) to discuss the flooding issues that have plagued the city for decades.

The special city council session was held at the Coleman Theater in downtown Miami.

Hundreds of people were on hand to hear presentations from city leaders and special guests/visiting experts on the problem of flooding in the city.

“It’s an exchange of information, as much as anything else. We have presentations to hopefully educate people and help correct some misinformation that has been put out there, and of course hear from citizens,” Miami City Manager Bo Reese said.

| Explaining the flooding problems that plagued Miami, Oklahoma

After nearly an hour and a half of PowerPoint presentations and speeches from Miami’s current and former mayors, city manager and others, it was the people of Miami who took to the podium.

The public comment portion of the special meeting was a question-and-answer style session.

Each person had three minutes to ask a question or make a public comment.

“It’s vital for their own mental health and their own safety. They need to speak up and they need to make it clear to federal agencies and state agencies that their lives matter and their property matters,” said Miami resident Rebecca Jim.

SLIDESHOW: See photos from the Miami Town Hall event

No action was taken tonight on the issue of the city’s flooding.

Miami City Manager Bo Reece said the town hall meeting gave attendees a way to receive correct information from official sources within the city and from experts on Miami’s flooding issues. Miami.

All of the presentations given at tonight’s meeting, including the audience Q&A portion, can be found, HEREonce it is posted by city staff.

Jessica C. Bell