Local News: Sewer Construction Update Discussion Topic at Viola City Council Meeting (01/20/22)

The sewer construction updates were discussed at the Viola City Council meeting held on Monday, January 10.

Viola City Council met on Monday, January 10 for its regular monthly meeting and to receive sewer construction updates.

Mayor Jackie Estes; board members Mike Sherman, Robert Lash and Brandi Johnson; Water Superintendent Joel Huett and Accountant Sarah Huett were present at the meeting.

Mayor Estes opened the meeting at 6:30 p.m., followed by Accountant Huett presenting the December 2021 financial statements, which were approved by council members.

The mayor then presented an update on the construction of the sewers from John Selig, engineer on the project.

Work completed to date

Contract #1 – Line Works: The contractor installed a total of 16,105 pl of 8?? Gravity sewer line, 1,080 lf by 6 ?? main force, 1,580 lf of 3?? main force, 2,266 lf of 2?? main force, 2,125 lf of 1½ ?? main force, 74 hp. manholes and the project panel. The contractor also installed lift station #2, lift station #3 and lift station #5. The contractor also installed 4 units. individual grinding units. The contractor also installed the service wyes and stamped the 4? PVC service line for connections in areas where it has laid the sewer network.

Contract #2 – Processing Facility: ?? The fan control building is complete and the electricians have completed the installation of the circuit breaker boxes. The excavation for the SBR treatment unit has been made and the slab has been poured. The contractor is working on bonding the steel reinforcement of the SBR walls. All the mechanical equipment for the SBR treatment and most of the piping has been delivered to the site.

The remaining work includes:

Contract #1 ?? Line works Complete the installation of gravity pipelines and manholes. Connect all the services offered along the route of the gravity pipeline. Install the other two lifting stations and their associated power lines. The contractor will then have to carry out the cleaning along the entire route of the installation and repair the streets and driveways that have been cut by the installation of the main and secondary service lines.

Contract #2 ?? Processing Facility Complete construction associated with the SBR concrete processing unit. Install all processing equipment. Installation of yard piping and electrical/controls.

Water Superintendent Huett reviewed financial and usage reports for December and presented a list of adjustments to December water bills. The Board approved his reports and his adjustments.

A motion was made by Councilman Lash to amend the 2021 budget to reflect actual spending and it was approved.

A resolution was also passed to implement the 2022 budget following Accountant Huett’s presentation.

Jessica C. Bell