List of important chapters, weighting by subject, books for medical entry

The Nation Testing Agency (NTA) will soon release the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) 2022 notification. This year’s Common Entrance Exam will allow people of all age groups over the age of 18 to sit for the exam because the government has removed the upper age limit for taking the Common Entrance Medical Examination.

This means competition for around 80,000 medical colleges across India is likely to increase. Usually, the age was capped at 25 (upper age limit) and the number of applications was around 15 lakh. Now, with no upper age limit, it is likely that the number of applications will also increase. Thus, those preparing for the exam will have to double their preparation.

The key to cracking NEET is understanding the weighting of the topics given on the exam and therefore studying accordingly. The exam is expected to take place in June. Applications will start soon on At present, applicants should have a study plan ready.

The NEET syllabus has been compiled based on the subjects taught in Physics, Chemistry and Biology in grades 11 and 12. Although each chapter has its own importance, some chapters can be classified as important based on the question papers of the last 8-10 years. For those who don’t know, here is a list of topics not to be missed, if they appear for NEET 2022

NEET 2022: Physics

Chapters Average number of questions asked per year
Cinematic 3 to 4
Bulk Material Properties 3 to 4
Electrostatic 3 to 4
current electricity 4
Atoms and nuclei 3 to 4
Electronic appliances 3

NEET 2022: Physical Chemistry

Chapters Average number of questions asked per year
solid state 2
states of matter 2
Electrochemistry 2
Solutions 2
Chemical kinetics 2

NEET 2022: Inorganic chemistry

Chapters Average number of questions asked per year
A chemical bond 5
p-block 3

NEET 2022: Organic Chemistry

Chapters Average number of questions asked per year
Hydrocarbons 4
carbonyl compound 3

NEET 2022: Biology

Chapters Average number of questions asked per year
Vegetal apogy 5
Animal Kingdom 4
Flowering Plant Anatomy 3
Structural organization in animals 3
Biomolecules 3
Cell cycle and cell division 7
Photosynthesis in higher plants 4
Plant growth and development 3
Respiration and gas exchange 3
Body fluids and circulation 3
Locomotion and movement 4
Sexual reproduction in flowering plants 3
human reproduction 3
reproductive health 3
Molecular basis of heredity ten
Human health and disease 3
Strategies for improving food production 3
Biotechnology: Principles and processes 6
Biotechnology and its applications 6
Organizations and populations 4
Ecosystem 3

NEET 2022: Exam Books to crack

The books required for the NEET exam are entirely dependent on the student’s comfort and ability to relate to the author’s language and style of explanation. However, the most prescribed books are the NCERT textbooks. So, every student preparing for NEET should be thorough with each subject and its explanation as described in the NCERT textbooks for grades 11 and 12. And after completing these manuals, a student should practice the NEET question papers from the previous ten years per chapter.

The target score should be split between the three subjects based on your strength and weakness. For example, biology is the subject that counts for 50% of the total marks and it is possible to obtain a mark of 360/360, which makes it the most important part of the strategy.

Preparing for the NEET requires both memorizing facts and understanding concepts. One should always separate these areas and follow the appropriate methods to improve the required skills.

One should keep checking his progress by writing mock tests at regular intervals.

— Written by Venkat Phanikiran, Director of Studies, Extramarks Education

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