Letter to the Editor: Access to primary care matters – The Coastland Times

For the editor,

Thank you very much for your coverage of the healthcare crisis which will have removed 3,000 people as of tomorrow June 23 from their primary care coverage which had been provided by Manteo Family Medicine, part of Vidant, now called ECU Healthcare.

In the last paragraph of your article, it says: “On Friday, June 16, 2022, Amy Montgomery, Senior Operations Administrator at Outer Banks Hospital, said in a phone interview ‘we are not closing the Manteo practice. We are looking to extend services to Manteo. She reported that the hospital is looking for assets. She said an expanded facility “certainly will have family medicine.” Unfortunately, Ms. Montgomery’s remarks do not square very well with the May 23, 2022 letter in which 3,000 of us former patients learned of our plight.

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In that letter, dated May 23, from Lynne Miles, MHA, Regional Operations Administrator, Outer Banks Medical Group, the last sentence of the fifth paragraph reads, “Once providers are hired, it will take time to grow the patient population. as they can only treat a limited number of patients per day. I think this means that not all 3,000 former patients will be able to be accepted as patients again. I wonder how they plan to “expand the patient population”, which I believe means deciding which people will be allowed to become patients again. That doesn’t leave me with a very comforting feeling.

Again, thank you for reporting this very important issue. My thanks also to those who spoke at the Manteo Town meeting. I know the discussion was not on the agenda, so I appreciate being able to read what was said. The July 6 meeting in Manteo Town should be very interesting if someone from ECU Health accepts the invitation of our General Manager.


BB Wylie Walden, Manteo

June 22, 2022


Jessica C. Bell