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Scrolling through Twitter shows how many people feel the need to voice their opinions about situations that don’t concern them.

I know that by writing this article I am very close to completely contradicting myself. However, instead of stating how certain opinions are wrong or right, some scenarios require no opinion at all. Social media will always be flooded with people giving their opinion – like the only parent who is no longer invited to family gatherings.

Identifying where many of these events come from can be the first step in the right direction. Whether it’s a global conflict or something in the world of pop culture, when the news hits the masses, you can almost guarantee the best answers are armchair experts explaining how the news affects them. .

Unfortunately, it all boils down to narcissism and lead character syndrome. Ultimately, the world doesn’t need millions of opinions on who was right or wrong about the Oscars. Some situations have so many layers, variables and factors that have nothing to do with the general public – creating a giant PR mess.

Social media platforms like Twitter have made it incredibly easy to voice any opinion anyone has ever wanted to say, giving people the green light to say things they would never say in a public setting. .

The anonymity provided by the Internet has made many users feel protected, creating groups based solely on disgusting hatred. If someone with thousands of followers gives a tone-deaf opinion, then that gives others something to fall back on when adding fuel to the fire.

It starts out small, like commenting on something happening in the entertainment world, but when people feel comfortable enough, comments about global conflicts start to surface. Americacompared to other countries, avoids much of the violent exposure others currently face, so seeing aimless commentary on said conflicts is mind-numbing.

Every major world event is greeted with millions of comments and anecdotes as if creating an impact. There are better and more productive ways to spend your time on the Internet.

We even see scenarios where celebrities use their well-established platforms to speak their minds on matters that have nothing to do with them. Most of the time, people don’t take the time to read beyond the title, literally or figuratively. Some may not even understand the weight of the big picture and then make a statement that they might later regret based on the full context.

This is by no means a lesson in media literacy, but if we want to start battling issues like these, understanding the whole picture is the first step. Only time will tell if issues like these will ever be fixed.

Some questions will never concern me. In fact, the majority of them will never concern me. Some situations require opinions and feedback from the right crowd, but most of the time those people are drowned out by thousands of irrelevant opinions.

SSeeking the internet to be a positive place is a lot to ask these days, but identifying those who make it an unbearable wasteland is helpful. Luckily, these mute and block buttons are unlimited and free, so all it takes is a few clicks to get your timeline as peaceful as you want it to be.

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Jessica C. Bell