Jordan Spieth’s pre-shot move is a popular topic on pro band text

Jordan Spieth hits his tee shot Saturday on the 10th hole at Harbor Town Golf Links.

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Harold Varner III is opinionated, and on Saturday he voiced his opinion.

Here’s HV3 on her newborn son, Harold IV: “I’m going to play with my child. He goes to bed around 8:30. It’s incredible. It’s like an old man. Come into the world sleeping all the time, go out of the world sleeping all the time.

Here is HV3 on Patrick Cantlay: “The most impressive thing about Patrick is when you ask him a question in the media, it’s so well thought out. I’m just like, yeah, you know, I’m cool, man, I’m trying to get home, let me answer this question, whatever. But he speaks so well. Obviously he’s a smart kid, but you know, to be able to articulate, especially when he disagrees with somebody, I know what I’m saying when I disagree with somebody ‘un: it’s just two words.

Here’s HV3 on Tiger Woods’ return to the Masters last week: “You know what’s weird, man. And I know he’s getting old, but he’s not that old. So you hear people and they say, I don’t know when we’re going to see it again. I think to myself, is he 100 years old or is he 46? So it was weird for me. I don’t care if he has one foot or two feet. This guy, he’s so good.

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Varner had joined the CBS broadcast of the third-round RBC Heritage, where he shot an under-63 eight to enter Sunday’s final round with a one-shot lead, and announcers Colt Knost and Amanda Renner shot him. prepared for catches. And maybe its warmer?

Here’s HV3 on Jordan Spieth’s pre-shot routine as they watched him pre-stroke:

“What do you think of that little rehearsal right there?” Knost asked Varner.


There were laughs, and then Varner continued.

“I mean, I thought he was about to hit him actually. We had some good things in the band text about this rehearsal, but, uh, none that I’d rather comment on here. But if you hit shots like that, I’d say it again.

“Who’s in this group chat?” Renner asked.

“Uh, no, no way,” Varner said. “None that I would like to say on air.”

Harold Varner

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If you haven’t seen Spieth’s move, it looks like this: he picks up the club, stops slightly halfway through the backswing, slowly brings the club back further, then slides his hands forward and returns the club to the address. This helps him get his swing into position.

Of course, there are other ways to frame it. No, Varner’s group text isn’t the only one that makes sense of it all.

“Well, basically he feels like he tends to get the club stuck behind him and he comes under it,” analyst Gary Koch said two weeks ago when airing the Texas Open by Golf Channel. “So he’s trying to get the club pointing left at the top of his swing and then getting the club out in front of him until he can get the club moving left and produce that little fade.”

“It’s hard to explain that move, other than to say it got him out of a slump, into becoming about half the player he was.” Golf Channel analyst Brandel Chamblee recently wrote on Twitter. “If you want to thwart or hinder a genius athlete, just make him think about his action.”

On Saturday, Varner finally left the show. On Sunday, he played for his title on the PGA Tour.

“I always think about group texting,” analyst Nick Faldo said on the show. “It wasn’t quite like that in my time.”

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