jointly organized a discussion session program on the theme “Geopolitical Importance of India.abg – News18 Gujarati News WAALI

jointly organized a program of discussion sessions on the theme “Geopolitical importance of India.abg – News18 Gujarati

Abhishek Barad, Gandhinagar: Program of the Discussion Session on “Geopolitical Significance of India-Present and Future” Co-Organized by Bharatiya Vishka Manch, Gandhinagar Yuva Ayam (Yajna) and Stri Chetna Gandhinagar Date 13 October 2022 Thursday, 6.30pm at Vidyabharati Training Centre, Sector 22 has been retained. In which Mrs. Preeti Sharma, teacher of Kendriya Vishwa Vidyalaya-Gujarat, will be the speaker. All the enlightened young people of the city of Gandhinagar are invited.

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Making Indians faithful to India’s inclusive and universal welfare values ​​is the task of uplifting India. And the rise of India is the guarantee of the security and well-being of global humanity. India, home to the largest youth force in the world, is once again poised to become the global cultural leader. The main requirement for this is to make India a real India and for the Indian to be a real, steadfast and steadfast Indian.

Devoted to this era, Bharatiya Bich Manch has been working in the ideological field of Gujarat for 28 years. The slogan of the forum is “Aa no Bhadra: Kratavo Yantu Viswat” (Welcome to all good thoughts from all over the world). Bharatiya Chintan Manch seeks to restore Indian values ​​in the ideological field through training, enlightenment, research, seminars on various subjects, seminars, colloquia, publications, panel discussions, meetings of young thinkers. Work to keep the debates eternal.

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