Joe Biden and Xi address Taiwan on call, China urges US to handle issue with sensitivity

In an important overseas development, on March 18, Chinese leader Xi Jinping warned his American counterpart, Joe Biden, about the United States’ relationship with “independence forces in Taiwan”. During the phone conversation with the US president, Xi asked the White House to “handle” the Taipei dispute “properly” as Beijing sees the issue as a critical factory for China-US relations.

According to reports in Chinese media, Xi called on Biden to say that the Taiwan dispute must be handled properly to avoid any negative impact on the two nations’ relations. China’s authority to take over Taiwan’s dispute over the appeal comes as Beijing perceives Taiwan as a breakaway region that should be realigned with the Xi-led regime. In fact, over the years reports have emerged that China openly regards Taiwan as its own and in complete disregard of Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen, who has repeatedly snubbed Beijing’s advances, whether through diplomatically or through the forces.

US ‘sending wrong signals to pro-independence forces in Taiwan’

“Some individuals in the United States are sending the wrong signals to pro-independence forces in Taiwan, and that’s very dangerous,” Jinping told the US president during the phone conversation.

“If the Taiwan issue is not handled properly, it will have a subversive impact on relations between the two countries,” he added.

While asking the United States to pay adequate attention to the Taiwan conflict, Xi further told Biden that the Russian-Ukrainian war should end at the earliest. He said all parties to the conflict should jointly support the Russian-Ukrainian dialogue and that the United States and NATO should hold talks with Russia to resolve the “knot” of the ongoing crisis in Kyiv.

Beijing further told Biden that Taiwan was the most sensitive and vital issue in its relationship with Washington, the United States has clarified its position on several occasions. On March 14, US Under Secretary of State Wendy Sherman said the United States would spare no effort to prevent China from forcibly annexing Taiwan, despite Biden’s support for the “one policy”. China”. His comments came after China’s Defense Ministry warned last week that anyone interfering with the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) long-term goal of reunification with Taiwan would face “serious repercussions”.

Taiwan is the most sensitive and vital issue in China-US relations: Xi Jinping to Joe Biden

Now, while the United States has no formal diplomatic relations with Taipei, internationally the White House is seen as one of Taiwan’s strongest supporters of sovereignty and the country’s main ammunition suppliers. from East Asia.

After the said phone conversation between the duo, the White House clarified that President Biden reiterated US policy towards Taiwan and the same position will continue. Snubbing any unilateral change to the status quo, the United States said Biden and Jinping agreed on the importance of keeping lines of communication open, to manage competition between the two nations, the White House added.

Jessica C. Bell