Important Special Final Revision Questions and Subjective Subject Points Uploaded for CBSE 2nd Quarter Board Examinations

Quarter 2 final review material available for CBSE Class 10 students


Now that the latest Class 10 results and date sheet updates are available, demand for last minute prep materials has increased among students who are still not confident for their term board 2.

This is why final revision material has been published for all the main subjects in class 10 which are English language and literature, mathematics, science and social studies.

Here are some tips for board exams, as well as some key features of this book that make it the most recommended final review material by teachers for CBSE 10 class board exams.

1. NCERT Focus Points to quickly recall all important topics

Each chapter of this recommended review resource begins with a collection of focal points based on NCERT topics important to the board.


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These points are similar to coaching institute notes which are basically put together to quickly recall chapters but to help solve 100% subjective questions only.

#BoardExamTip: It is advisable to go through them at least once before solving the practice questions and sample final practice papers.

mediawire_image_0Maths NCERT Focus Points with Important Notes as seen in Term 2 Final Review Material

2. Most Likely Questions for 2nd Quarter Final Practice

These resolved questions are gathered from all sources recommended by CBSE such as NCERT books and copies, DIKSHA platform, etc., in accordance with the competency-based paper model.

These are some of the most important questions to test your way of thinking and analyzing before solving a certain question in the tables. All questions resolved from this CBSE practice material also detailed explanations.

#BoardExamTip: Read the questions carefully and try to understand the correct logic used to solve the different types.

mediawire_image_0Class 10 social science most likely questions for second term board exams

3. Final sample documents with time charts

A sample FINAL paper is given for all four topics with appropriate instructions to help practice the final pattern in exactly the right way. These documents also cover some of the most important questions that may possibly be asked during board exams.

#BoardExamTip: Follow the time management chart (given at the beginning of the book) to understand the proper time allocation for each section/question type. This will help you practice for board exams.

mediawire_image_0Semester 2 Social Science final paper sample for final review

4. Self-assessment charts to learn from mistakes

This is by far the most interesting and useful feature of the teacher recommended resource. These self-assessment charts are similar to the paper checklist given to examiners to give students an overview of how to write perfect answers and achieve maximum marks.

#BoardExamTip: After solving sample papers, check your answers with the solutions (available online) and these tables to understand the value of each point in the subjective answers.

mediawire_image_0Examples of paper self-assessment charts made available on the Educart website

Overall this final review material is an ideal solution for students who are revising their syllabus during those last weeks of preparation for the board of term 2 or those who are simply nervous.

In a single resource, they get NCERT focus points, new model subjective questions (solved and self-practice), and final sample papers (with time management and self-assessment charts) at minimal cost.

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