How Harry Hamlin’s Bolognese Keeps Becoming a RHOBH Topic

The RHOBH stars can’t seem to put down the Bolognese drama of Harry Hamlin. Curiously, his sauce keeps being mentioned season after season.

Since The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Star Lisa Rinna’s husband Harry Hamlin made his spaghetti bolognese for the first time in season 11, the legendary sauce continues to become a topic of conversation on the show. Last season, Lisa invited the RHOBH cast members at her house for an Italian-themed meal. Harry, famous for his bolognese sauce, cooked lunch for all the housewives. Lisa credits Harry for being the more domestic of the two, and her meal did not disappoint. the RHOBH stars raved about spaghetti Bolognese, especially Garcelle Beauvais. The next day, Lisa and Harry presented Garcelle with a jar of the wonderful sauce.


During the RHOBH season 11 reunion, Lisa raised a point of contention with Garcelle regarding the sauce. Although he personally dropped off the pot of bolognese at Garcelle’s, the love me as i am the author did not send a thank you note to Harry. Garcelle was confused because she personally thanked Lisa and Harry in person when they gave her the bolognese. For some reason, Lisa didn’t think it was good enough, and their argument became a huge point of contention between them.

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After “sauce-gate”, RHOBH fans hoped the issue would be settled once and for all. However, before RHOBH season 12, Harry’s bolognese sauce returned. In a Watch what’s happening live segment, RHOBH Star Sutton Stracke was on hand and mentioned that she invited Lisa to the Elton John gala but never received a thank you either. Sutton was defending her friend Garcelle, in that when friends do favors for each other, they don’t expect formal acknowledgment. Unfortunately, Sutton’s dig didn’t sit well with Lisa, and it was the start of a war she says.

In the second episode of RHOBH season 12, Lisa and Sutton attempted to settle their differences at Harry’s 70th birthday party. Sutton proved she bought a table at an Elton John charity event, but apologized to Lisa for bringing it up Watch what’s happening live. However, Lisa seemed to have the last laugh when she served spaghetti bolognese during dinner. Although it wasn’t Harry’s special sauce, having it on the menu seemed to indicate that she wasn’t ready to let old transgressions slide. Yet the RHOBH the stars enjoyed pasta, even if it wasn’t Harry’s.

RHOBH fans are curious about Harry’s Bolognese recipe which was so good it started a mini-war. Unfortunately, his recipe is still secret and fans will just have to improvise. With Lisa’s entrepreneurial skills, maybe she’ll end up selling Harry Sauce on QVC, much like her own products. Until then, viewers will just have to live vicariously through The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars.

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