How do you find a subject for the bachelor’s thesis in social work?

Everyone knows the annoying problem. Thesis is approaching, but what subject is actually suitable for a bachelor’s thesis in this field. If you make an effort to find a topic, you can save yourself a lot of work and stress later. Ideally, you start by writing down some keywords. Once this list has been created, you already have an overview of the topics that seem interesting to you. Ultimately, this is important for your own motivation.

There are a few idiosyncrasies in the field of social work that are less pronounced in other subjects. When researching a topic for a bachelor’s thesis, the practical relevance must therefore be taken into account, so that it can often make sense to cooperate with practical positions. However, the basic question when looking for a Bachelor of Social Work looks like this: Which subject is suitable to best address practical issues, need for action, effects, interfaces, etc. social work?

What Topics Are Suitable for a Bachelor of Social Work Thesis?

The subject of the dissertation in social work can indeed be chosen freely and can deal with different aspects of social work. Depending on the specification, the reference to practice may not be relevant. Psychological, educational and societal approaches are all welcome approaches in this area. When choosing a topic for a bachelor’s thesis in social work, however, not only personal preferences should play a role. It makes sense to think back to what was taught during the course. Seminar documents that have already been written can, for example, be a good starting point – it is possible that a reference to practice has already been made in the context of these.

As already described, suggested topics and already formulated working titles can also be a source of inspiration. Especially in the field of social work, it often happens that teachers also post suggestions for topics they would like to see students work on, so it is definitely worth going to the department’s website and looking around. .

In principle, any topic can be used as a social work thesis topic. In the end, the only question is how best to liquidate it. The topic should be phrased narrowly enough to make it clear what you’re actually working on. A bachelor’s thesis on the subject of children, for example, would be too bulky. The field must be further tightened so that, according to your interests, you can arrive for example at the subject of the children of imprisoned parents. In this case, of course, the exact title of the work would have to be further refined and therefore limited to specific scientific aspects. In this article we want to make some possible topics and also some specific topic suggestions for the Social Work Licentiate Thesis, but these can also just be taken as a guide on how to rephrase your own topic and thus make it easy to work.

Subject Social work of the bachelor’s thesis

The following list is divided into generic terms and then shows some ideas and suggested topics for a bachelor’s thesis in the field of social work. If necessary, these topics can be adapted for other scholarly work in the field of social work, such as theses (dissertations, master’s theses) as well as seminar papers, dissertations, and social work presentations.


Possible topics for bachelor theses in the field of migration:

  • Support for unaccompanied minor refugees
  • Social Work Challenges in Refugee Accommodation
  • Joint learning as a means of integration
  • Dealing with the war experiences of young refugees

Crime and violence

  • Possible dissertation topics in the area of ​​crime and violence:
  • Experiential Religious Education as an Antidote to Entering the Criminal Underworld
  • Aspects of cybercrime – the impact of cyberbullying among young people

The possibilities of rehabilitation in juvenile detention


Possible topics for degree theses in the field of religion:

  • Confessional professional pedagogy as a driver of equal opportunities in a differentiated society
  • What role do fundamental questions of Christian ethics play in the development of values ​​and morals?
  • The role of religion in interfaith social work in youth clubs


Possible topics for Bachelor’s theses in the field of disability:

  • The relevance of the libido of people with disabilities in the context of social work
  • Analysis of methods of working with children with autism spectrum disorders
  • The role of the legal guardian in supporting the autonomy of people with intellectual disabilities

developmental psychology

Possible topics for undergraduate theses in the field of developmental psychology:

  • Youth radicalization – trends and solutions
  • Care of children with ADHD
  • Biography Effects of Early Childhood Neglect


Possible topics for license dissertations in the field of prevention:

  • Dealing with errors constructively
  • Preventive approaches in social work in the field of inclusion
  • How to anticipate the fear of school? An analysis of preventive and interventional methods


Possible dissertation topics in the field of giftedness:

  • Systematic Approaches to Funding Priority Learning for Gifted Students
  • The Role of Educational Support in Promoting Gifted Students
  • Highly Gifted in the Class Association – A Survey

parent-child relationship

Possible topics for license dissertations in the area of ​​parent-child relationships:

  • The mental and physical development of children of alcoholic mothers
  • What factors are important for the formation of a deep bond between parents and children
  • Children’s own understanding in the context of new family models

social psychology

Possible topics for bachelor’s theses in the field of social psychology:

  • Social work in coercive contexts with particular attention to the field of youth protection
  • The role of the leader in conflict situations at work
  • Cultural influences on adolescent attachment behavior

Education Policy

Possible topics for a bachelor’s thesis in the field of educational policy:

  • What are the opportunities offered by school social work?
  • Truancy as a means to an end – the educational effects of truancy for a good cause
  • The role of acceptance in the school environment

Poverty and Livelihood Security

Possible topics for graduate theses in the area of ​​poverty (as well as child poverty) and livelihoods

  • The importance of social class for the educational prospects of children and young people
  • The importance of poverty for social work in a historical context
  • Points of attack for social work in the field of child poverty

With a subject but without ideas?

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