Housing problems – and possible solutions – are the subject of the Manchester forum | Local News

MANCHESTER – With housing still a pressing need in Northshire, southern Vermont and the state as a whole, a community forum scheduled for next week will bring together state and local leaders to discuss what is being done to address the problem – and steps to follow .

The forum is scheduled for 5pm next Wednesday, October 26, at Manchester City offices and is open to the public.

As well as Manchester Planning Commission Chairman Phil Peterson, Director of Planning and Zoning Janet Hurley, State Commissioner for Housing and Community Development Josh Hanford and Seth Leonard, Chief Executive of Community Development from the Vermont Housing Finance Agency, are expected to speak.

During the two-hour event, state and local government officials will discuss the statewide housing crisis and work underway to build more housing for low-income residents. and medium. The program will move from a statewide view of the problem to local challenges and possible solutions.

Topics will include state laws and local zoning, financial programs for low- and moderate-income Vermonters, Manchester’s housing market and infrastructure, and building sites and possible solutions.

Hanford is expected to approach the crisis from a statewide perspective, as well as the actions that have been taken to date and the role of local leaders. Leonard will discuss VHFA’s role in helping to meet the demand for workforce housing and the missing persons home ownership development program.

Hurley will discuss the local situation, including recent studies, zoning ordinance and city infrastructure, possible housing initiatives on municipal and private properties, and the role of municipal government and residents.

Following these presentations, a Q&A session will feature these four speakers, as well as Manchester Select Board Member Heidi Chamberlain and Manchester Business Association Executive Director John Burnham.

The forum is hosted by state officials Kathleen James and Seth Bongartz, and will be taped for broadcast on Greater Northshire Access Television.

Jessica C. Bell