Housing is a hot topic at #MACoCon – Conduit Street

On Thursday afternoon of the MACo Summer Conference, be sure to attend our Affordable Housing Panel.

Affordable housing has been a hot topic lately as rents soar and homes sell for tens of thousands of dollars above asking price. Many point the finger at county governments, saying local politics are holding back new housing development. In truth, many factors have led to the current situation; but the county government remains in the best position to respond adequately to this challenge.

Title: Let’s talk housing: national problem, local solutions

The description: Everyone deserves the opportunity to find an affordable place to call home, but getting there has proven difficult for many communities. Labor and supply shortages, soaring interest rates and inflation, the looming eviction crisis, inclusive housing issues, and equity in transportation access are all at the center of national and local housing discussions. This panel discusses county-level policy options and opportunities to help solve our housing crisis.


  • Miguel Salinas, Easton
  • Terry Hickey, Baltimore County
  • Les Knapps, MDE

Moderator: Del Regina Boyce

Date hour : Thursday August 18, 2022; 3:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.

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