Hot topic of Jack Daniel’s barrels at Commission meeting | New

The Lincoln County Commission held another public hearing to rezone the property, located on Wabash Road in Mulberry and owned by Jack Daniel’s, from A-1 to I-1 (agricultural to industrial) for future barrel storage. A motion to delay the initial rezoning application was approved at the October county commission meeting. At the time, Lincoln County Attorney Ed Simms said there was a procedural issue that needed to be resolved and the process would have to start over by going back to planning and zoning. Simms said at the October meeting that this was a “very important issue” and the county wanted to make sure everything was done right.

Director of planning and zoning Nancy Harris, whose upcoming retirement was announced at last Tuesday evening’s meeting, said the zoning should be changed to reflect the rezoning of the property from A-1 to I-1 (industrial). It was originally to be rezoned from A-1 to C-1 (agricultural to commercial). Public hearing is set for 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday, December 20 at the Lincoln County Courthouse.

Jessica C. Bell