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Posted on April 27, 2022 at 11:23 a.m.

At the Catasauqua Borough Council meeting on April 25, while hearing from those present on the agenda, a resident asked the council to help solve the problem with a neighbor’s home. . The resident claims that the home is in violation of a borough order.

He added that he felt his complaints were being ignored.

The resident said he addressed council, attended public safety committee meetings and went to shop meetings – with no satisfaction for two years. His claim is that the fire pits are too close to the structures, a violation of the borough’s fire pit ordinance.

Catasauqua Police Chief Douglas Kish reminded the resident that the code enforcement officer told the resident during a public safety committee meeting that he had checked out the home on the property in question. The code enforcement officer has determined that the home is in compliance with the order.

The resident disputed this, saying that in addition to being too close to the structures, the fire pits had no screens to control the fire. He implored the council to send someone to check the distances.

Council Chairman Brian Bartholomew instructed Director Stephen Travers to arrange for two borough employees to verify the issues and ultimately determine the home’s compliance status.

Another resident approached council to request a traffic study of speeding on Pine Street. The resident said cars were speeding up the hill from Front Street past Third Street.

Kish noted that there were software issues with the traffic monitoring device, adding that there were plans to upgrade the software.

The resident says it seems easy to control speeding on Pine Street by having a police presence. Kish further explained that the borough cannot assign a police officer to sit at any intersection 24 hours a day.

The resident also added that there are people who live under the Pine Street Bridge. It was suggested that if the resident sees people living under the bridge, he should call the police.

In his recreation committee report, Councilman Gene Schlegel said the committee is waiting for the Coplay Borough Council to decide whether to allow Catasauqua residents to use the Coplay pool. The Catasauqua Pool is closed for 2022.

Gene Schlegel also noted that the Shade Tree Commission is planning an Arbor Day celebration at 10 a.m. on April 30 at the Municipal Complex, 90 Bridge St.

Furthermore, Ordinance 1413 modifying the employee pension plan was passed unanimously.

Resolution 2022-4 involves the Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program giving the borough the option of combining two grants into one for the Iron Works project. The two grants total $1.75 million in grants. The resolution was adopted unanimously.

A copy of any ordinance or resolution is available at the borough office.

In his manager’s report, Travers said the new public works supervisor has started working for the borough.

Travers noted that there are two openings on the five-person zoning hearing board. Currently, the Board of Directors has three members. At the hearing of those present, held at the end of the meeting, Vincent Smith, former council member and former chairman of council, volunteered for an open position on the zoning hearing committee. .

Travers also reported that there is a low-income household assistance grant available to Catasauqua residents. The subsidized program and the application procedures will be posted on the Borough’s website.

The next Borough Council meeting will be held May 2 at 7 p.m. at the Municipal Complex, 90 Bridge Street. The meeting is a hybrid meeting, with in-person and virtual options. Visit for the call-in number and access codes to participate virtually.

Jessica C. Bell