Home businesses networking topic this week in La Ronge

“The issues they have are different than a small business that has a store downtown, because they don’t care about foot traffic or commercial property taxes and issues like that,” said Maurer. “I thought it would be great to have a place where anyone can go each month and discuss their issues or opportunities of being a home business specifically, and also provide a means for home businesses to have a voice in the overall economic growth of the Lac La Ronge region.

Forming a home-based business cluster could also help attract more customers to local services and products. Maurer mentioned that much of this traffic is driven by word-of-mouth advertising, and home-based businesses are unlikely to have a website.

Although Maurer wants to start the group, he said it’s important that those who are interested understand that it will be a collective effort.

“My intention with this group is to really lay the groundwork for other people to build on,” he said. “I’m not really implying to anyone that I’m responsible, I’m really telling all of them ‘it’s up to you guys.’ I have established guidelines and all these rules and so on, but it’s really up to [everybody] to define what it is and how it will happen.

The business network meeting will take place at the La Ronge Seniors Club room from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. There are only 15 places available and those interested in attending must register with Maurer at 1-306-420-5334.


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Jessica C. Bell