Google “My Ad Center” lets you control ads by topic and brand

Google wants to give you more control over the advertising that appears in search, the Discover feed, and YouTube with its upcoming “My Ad Center.”

The goal is to “make it even easier for you to control the ads you see.” The My Ad Center “Hub” features a modern Google design that allows you to quickly opt out of “Personalized Ads” in the upper right corner. In the center of the bottom bar (Material You) is Customize, which is divided into three tabs.

Topics are presented as cards (with cover images) that have a plus and minus sign to indicate if you want to see more of a topic or less. This +/- signal impacts the likelihood of them appearing when you are logged into these three Google apps or services.

For example, those buying a specific type of car might select the “Hybrid Alternative Vehicles” category, while someone who’s finished buying a gift for a tablet might choose to see fewer ads on that topic.

Meanwhile, you can do the same with individual brands, while the list of “sensitive” topics that can be restricted is the third and final tab. The expanded categories, including gambling and pregnancy, were announced by Google last week.

My Ad Center also includes a “Home” tab which features a carousel to review recently encountered ads. From “Privacy” you can add/edit and deactivate demographic data such as age, relationship status and education to “choose what information may be used to personalize the ads you see on Google “.

Elsewhere, tapping the overflow menu in a Search, Discover, and YouTube ad will directly score the brand and topic, and provide the same plus/minus capability. There’s also like, block, or report an ad with a link to the broader My Ad center, although this background sheet also goes by that name and replaces “About this ad.” You can also see “Who paid for this ad” and what account categories were used to show you the specific ad.

Google will roll out My Ad Center “late this year.”

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Jessica C. Bell