Former retirement home property subject at tax court meeting

The LaRue County Tax Court, meeting at the Hodgenville Courthouse on March 8, filed a case after a lengthy discussion regarding part of the former Sunrise Nursing Home property located off Phillips Lane in Hodgenville.

Hodgenville attorney Jim Whitlow, who is a longtime board member of LaRue County Geriatrics, Inc., appeared in court to request that the court deed lot three, which contains the former Sunrise Manor adult daycare building, to the Geriatrics Society, to secure a loan to refinance $10 million in maturing bonds on the property.

“When the first retirement home was built in 1967, LaRue County built it and formed LaRue County Properties, Inc., to own and hold the property,” Whitlow explained. LaRue County Properties is a holding company; LaRue County Geriatrics is an operating company, but both are part of LaRue County. Transferring the county deed to LaRue County Geriatrics, I guess we could say, is transferring it to yourself.

“Cecilian Bank has agreed to lend us money to pay off our existing mortgage, but they want LaRue County Geriatrics to own the property because they don’t want a dispute with LaRue County,” he said. for follow-up.

LaRue County Judge/Executive Blake Durrett advised Whitlow that the building was not in use and the county did not want the property he owns to sit idle, adding that the senior center, for example , now located in downtown Hodgenville, may eventually move. bigger space there.

Whitlow said Signature Healthcare has a lease on the new nursing home building and Lot Three that would control the use of the property. He added that he did not come to the meeting to discuss the uses of the property, but was there only at the request of the bank, for LaRue County Geriatrics to own the property so that the loan can be granted.

“If you don’t, the loan won’t go, the bonds won’t get paid, and we’ll have to sell bonds, and we’ll be at the mercy of the market.” Whitlow cautioned, adding that the bank needed the transfer of ownership to be completed and registered that day, “because time is important to them on interest and all that when they lend this kind of money”.

LaRue County District Attorney Kyle Williamson noted that he wanted time to review Signature’s lease on the property and added, “Hopefully Cecilian Bank will give us a few more weeks, which at my opinion, would not be too unreasonable.”

At that time, the court voted unanimously to postpone the item until its next meeting.

Dog sitter’s report

Willard Thompson, dog sitter, reported 14 animal calls last month that resulted in the transfer of two dogs to the Hardin County Animal Shelter.

EMS report

Mike Cottrell, director of emergency medical services, reported 215 ambulance runs in February.

Road report

Clyde Veirs, County Roads Supervisor, reported that crews had applied cold mix to a bridge deck on Hall-Gaddie and Brooks Roads; adding stone to a tile on Country Lane and GB Howell Road, and to school buses and dead ends; opened a ditch line and repaired washed out areas on LH Brewer Road; installed entrance tiles on Dan Dunn and Spencer school roads; cleaned a ditch line and added concrete to a cross-tile section on Gardner Road; and carried stones to Wayne Ennis Road.

Third District Magistrate Earl Riggs requested repairs to a pothole on Jesse Able Road.

Fourth District Magistrate Larry Howell reported a broken water meter that could rupture vehicle tires at the intersection of Highways 1079 and 470 in Magnolia and called for rock to be added to a Mill Road shoulder.

First District Magistrate Tony Stewart reported a broken lamp post on Suzanne Avenue.

Second District Magistrate Ricky Whitlock noted a stop sign placed opposite Clark Lane which should be moved to the end of Clark Lane.

In other cases, the court has given approval to seek a subsidy for the use of rubber modified asphalt on road surfaces; tabled an ethics committee recommendation to delete an amendment defining term limits until new wording is done with the item to bring to the March 22 meeting; and declared Crown Victoria surplus in 2004 in order to transfer ownership of the vehicle to the Magnolia Fire Department.

Jessica C. Bell