FFA students cover the subject of the slaughterhouse for the Optimist Club

Pictured from left to right: Mikayla Dibben; Lily Cartwright; Ava Oentrich; Kourtney Dibben and Gabby Brown.

Laura Miller, a Future Farmers of America (FFA) instructor at Junction City High School (JCHS), Miller told the JC Breakfast Optimist Club on Wednesday that the FFA was formed in 2018 after it didn’t exist in high school. for 16 years.

Five FFA students who were in attendance form an Agricultural Issues Forum team and will compete in a state competition in June. They study local, regional, and state issues to present the facts and perceptions of both sides of an issue, but do not take sides themselves. “They let the public decide,” Miller said.

Students shared their views through role play. Mikayla and Kourtney Dibben were the moderators; Gabby Brown was the economic developer; Lilye Cartwright played as an activist and Ava Oentrich was a local citizen.

Following the presentation, club members asked questions on the topic which focused on the planned slaughterhouse project on the southwest side of Junction City.

JCHS FFA members were looking for organizations to practice their skills before the competition in June. If there are other clubs interested in having the students attend, contact Laura Miller at Junction City High School.

Jessica C. Bell