Expect Ben Simmons to remain an NBA off-season hot topic

the brooklyn nets file a missing player grievance against Ben Simmons?

He is a 6ft 11in small Australian striker/point guard. Maybe you saw him play for the Philadelphia 76ers during the 2020-21 NBA Playoffs?

You know, just before the Ben Simmons wants to leave Philadelphia the drama has become one of the great entertaining side stories of the current NBA season.

But everything was supposed to change Monday night. With his new team, the brooklyn netsdown three games for the Boston CelticsSimmons had the golden opportunity to finally dress up and help save the season.

Tell a great story for a primetime NBA Playoff game.

Sadly, but unsurprisingly, his dramatic comeback felt more like a blockbuster summer movie that didn’t live up to the hype.

Kind of like the Nets odds to win it all.

Since he is under contract for four more seasons, we will see how the next season of Simmons and the Nets could go.

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Last seen on ‘Where’s Ben Simmons?’

For those unfamiliar with the Ben Simmons saga, the story takes us back to the 2021 NBA Playoffs.

He was still playing for the Philadelphia 76ers with MVP candidate Joel Embiid as the star. Some may recall that Philly was the No. 1 seed in the Eastern Conference, but was eliminated by the Atlanta Hawks in the second round.

Many blamed Simmons after shooting 15 of 45 (33.3%) from the free throw line. If it was a final exam, the summer school would be a guarantee.

You bet Philadelphia fans wanted it shipped on the next flight. Simmons never adapted again and demanded a trade. No need to waste time with all the back and forth between the two parties.

Fast forward to this season, the 76ers finally made a trade with the Nets, with Philadelphia getting All-Star James Harden in a forfeit. When Brooklyn played at Wells Fargo Center in March, Harden played under Simmons’ watch from the bench.

PlayNJ heard of a leaked Ben Simmons tribute video.

Have you seen him?

Unlike the 76ers, the Nets and their fans are wondering when Ben Simmons will finally show up.

Is “back pain” the real problem?

Anyone who was on Twitter before Game 4 probably saw a tweet or two related to Simmons’ playing status. “Back pain” would keep Benny on the bench once again. To be fair, we haven’t contacted Simmons or his side to comment on his injury status.

However, we think Simmons was never going to play. When the season is on the line, Simmons has a reputation for not delivering. Exhibit A depicts the 2020-21 NBA playoffs.

Exhibit B is the Twitter storm that erupted after the injury news broke.

Here are some of our favorites.


So based on recent history and Tweets, we could see #BenSimmonsGame5 trending next season.

For one thing, Simmons isn’t rushing to make his NBA comeback. And any sense of urgency clearly faded once he was ruled out for Game 4.

Remember that when it comes to the NBA Playoff Series, Game 5 is never guaranteed. This season, all but one of the NBA’s first-round series have gone past four games.

The Nets against the Celtics were the only ones swept.

So if this continues to be a hot topic, the belief might be that Simmons will never play another NBA game again.

Finally, we do not know what season it will be, he will have to go from the bench to the basketball court. This “back pain” excuse will only last so long.

Ben Simmons should go shopping for a new wardrobe

OK, we prefer to leave fashion advice to E! and fashion magazines, but even us gambling writers sometimes sound the alarm.

In Game 3 on Saturday night, Simmons was spotted on the Nets bench wearing bright orange pants and a purple jacket.

If Simmons was still dating Kendall Jennerwould it even be a topic of conversation?

For those who don’t know what we’re talking about, judge for yourself.

Most would agree that even though Simmons is physically and mentally ready to play next season, he won’t play 82 regular season games.

With the Nets regularly appearing on national television, you know the cameras will be focused on Simmons like they do when Jay Z and Beyonce are seated in the front row.

maybe so QG profile Simmons, he’ll spark a whole new fashion sense.

Behind the scenes at Ben Simmons’ $5 million mansion in South Jersey

the PlayNJ the team was seriously thinking about driving Moorestown to see if we could find that $5 million mansion that Simmons would call home (we know for a fact he owned other properties).

Having an address, or even a street name, would have helped. And we don’t expect an invitation anytime soon.

According to the LA Times, he paid $2.275 million for the dig in 2019. As of last fall, he was on the market for $5 million. The place supposedly has five bedrooms, 5.5 bathrooms, multiple bars, and a game room. These are just a few of the highlights.

At the very least, the location seems like a great place to film the first episode of the untitled Ben Simmons reality show. We hear the networks reluctant to take it back, fearing that the star of the show will never show up.

As to whether or not Simmons sold his Moorestown mansion, your guess is as good as ours.

The Durant, Irving and Simmons Show

The biggest question regarding Simmons and the Nets is: can three stars co-exist and finally live up to those championship expectations?

were talking Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and Simons.

Brooklyn opened the current season with bonafide three-star Durant, Irving and Harden in the starting lineup. However, before the trade, the trio only played 16 games together. All three players suffered injuries and Irving was not allowed to play at home due to the vaccine mandate.

However, that’s 16 more games than Durant, Irving and Simmons have played together. At least until next season.

Ultimately, no one can judge whether the Nets made a good trade or not until Simmons enters the field.

We are not talking about practice. He must play real games.

Expect Simmons’ mental and physical health to be one of the big off-season stories.

Sorry Nets punters, better luck next season

Frankly, the 2021-22 NBA season hasn’t lived up to the hype, at least from an NJ sports betting perspective.

the Los Angeles Lakers didn’t even make the play-in round of the NBA Playoffs.

And the brooklyn nets just watched out of sync with the Boston Celtics. There are probably plenty of future punters who aren’t too happy this week.

Just take a look at the Brooklyn Nets championship odds provided by DraftKings Sportsbook:

Here is what Johnny Avellothe director of racing and sports betting operations for DraftKings, had to say about the Celtics-Nets series:

“Seeing the Celtics win the series wasn’t too surprising since they played some of the best basketball in the league throughout the streak. What was a little unexpected was that the Nets lost four in a row. The result could have been different had Simmons been available, giving the Nets a deeper bench. The Celtics now move up to second place to win the NBA crown at +370.”

Talk about a reversal of NBA betting fortunes. At one point this season, Boston’s odds of winning the title were +4000. Now they have the second best odds (+380) to win it all. the Golden State Warriors at +300 are the only team with shorter odds.

For those wondering where the Philadelphia 76ers fall, the answer isn’t even close (+1700).

What kind of impact will Ben Simmons have on the future of the 2022-23 NBA?

Well, it all depends on if and when he finally plays again.

Jessica C. Bell