Exclusive: Jim Jones on setting trends and being a hot topic

If there’s one thing Jim Jones knows, it’s trends. Rapper Dipset has been a trending topic on social media platforms about everything from his Hair to kiss his mother to save the life of his photographer in a fight that can or may not have taken place. Now the seasoned emcee is on wax with a recent post that recalls he actually sets tendencies.

Jones has teamed up with DJ Drama to release We set the trends, a Gangsta Grillz mixtape distributed via #VLrecords Empire. The title track and lead single feature hip-hop phenoms Migos, with the entire project showcasing the talents of different entertainers across regions and styles.

“Everything was organic – nothing was contrived,” Jones told Blavity. “We kind of covered all the sounds that are going through the country right now. We did it a little differently – it won’t be the usual Jim Jones music that people are used to hearing. I picked all the artists I’ve dealt with, which are pretty much all young and up-and-coming artists, and just followed their vibes, except for a few of them that I put it there for the feeling people like to have about me.

Featured artists from the mixtape include Dave East, Maino, Fabolous, and Doughboy, among others. Jones said he loves matching energies with all features.

“For the most part, it’s a young and energetic mixtape, and I’m thrilled about it,” he said. “[All of the artists] gave me a lot of work. Everyone picked records that were drugs that I had to follow. I had to pick up my pace and meet the medium with what I love to do and with what’s going on in the music industry right now, especially from a New York perspective.

More recently, Jones has been drawing attention to things unrelated to music, as her name has lit up a variety of blogs creating rumors galore.

“I don’t blog and silence has never let me down, so you’ll understand that,” Jones said.

One of those rumors is that his next album will be appointed Prime 112 after the location where he and rapper Freddie Gibbs allegedly had a physical altercation. Although Jones gave no merit to the idea of ​​a fight, he confirmed that his album would not carry such a name.

“It’s just the media fueling the bulls**t, but the album is dope – shout out Hitmaka,” Jones said. “A very, very, very dope album – it’s a great vibe.”

Social media was abuzz in August when Jones’ Diplomats team took on The Lox for a Verzuz fight it LEDs fans straight to the box office ready for a reunion tour. However, no such tour took place, leading to further rumours. While the previously promised Dipset tour may not be exactly underway, Jones is warning fans to be patient while the team works on some things.

“[Verzuz] was cool – it felt like an old school gig – very nostalgic,” he said. “[The tour] did not work. Maybe everyone will relate to it, but it didn’t work out. It’s quite a Cam situation. I don’t really have a say in that. As long as my money is good, I will decide if I want to participate or not.

Regardless, though, Jones has a bit of a craving for a live performance inspired by her new song with Migos.

“It’s the brothers, man. I was close to Migos for a minute,” Jones said. “It was just good to make a record that was awesome. It’s not the first record we’ve made, but this one is a little bit different – it was a bit special – the way it came together. how it happened organically. I can’t explain. Takeoff was in the studio with me and said he wanted to make a record, he picked the beat, butchered that shit. Then, I put it on the ‘Gram, Offset saw it and said, ‘Now I gotta get on it bro’ and then I ended up having a whole record of Migos and it’s kinda dope.

Due to the buzz the song generated, Jones said he naturally expects a tour soon, but if he doesn’t end up hitting the road, it’s not exactly like he’s in pain for them. things to do. With so many Cryptocurrency projects, a fitness center, Quarantine Studios and reports weather on Revolt TV, the rapper-turned-reality star and businessman has become a powerhouse across the board over the past two decades. He also said he plans to turn his weather show into something bigger one day.

“We are in a good space with Drip report. The more God blesses me, the more I will be there. I’m doing the weekend weather report right now. I hope we can make it a full information show, so people can understand the culture and the way we speak. And that’s what the weather show is all about: making people understand me.

Drip report has just been renewed for a fifth season.

As Jones continues to research new music and says he has six records slated for release over the next year and a half, fans can immediately look forward to his next album (not to be named). Prime 112). He is expected to feature music that he thinks would endear him to more female audiences, as well as the type of work he is known for.

“It’s the closest people who will hear me doing something with women in mind, but it’s just a vibe, it’s like life,” Jones said. “Guys need this type of music – I mean, you get in the car and have something to put on and make the ladies go crazy. There’s still that genuine trill there, but for the most part it’s something I know Chrissy [Lampkin] and his friends will love to rock.

Until then, fans can get their fix through We set the trends, which is set to be released in its entirety on January 14. The project marks Jones’ first collaboration with DJ Drama since 2006. The seven day theory.

Jessica C. Bell