Employee Handbook Meeting Topic Review – The Breeze-Courier

Many of the changes noted concerned the establishment of a chain of command from the elected official to the head of department to the chairman of the county council or his delegate.

There was also discussion about the appointment of an ethics officer. The Christian County State’s Attorney is currently the Ethics Officer. It was suggested to add another Ethics Officer. It was suggested that another ethics officer come from the ethics committee.

When asked who the members of the ethics committee were, board chairman Matt Wells, who also attended the meeting, said he was not sure and should look. A county website check has no listing for an ethics committee.

During his presentation, Hile said it was difficult to get payroll information from some elected officials in a timely manner. She said time sheets are supposed to be submitted the Monday following the end of the pay period, which is a Saturday.

Committee member Gene Price said that if payroll information is not submitted, there should be no paychecks for employees. But Wells replied, with the many union contracts with the county, “employees are entitled to a paycheck.”

The committee asked Hile to let them know who will not be handing over the payroll information at the next committee meeting.

The committee felt it would be beneficial to tackle the employee handbook one-third at a time. They will review the next part of the manual at the March meeting and the rest in April.

Wells suggested that before the package goes to the full county council for approval, the committee should seek input from department heads, elected officials and unions.

Jessica C. Bell