Elden Ring Director Addresses Game Difficulty

Elden Ring Director Hidetaka Miyazaki discusses difficulty and accessibility in From Software’s games and the difference of Elden Ring.

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The talk surrounding difficulty in FromSoftware games is heated to say the least. With Ring of Elden as its February release date nears, that conversation is once again reinvigorated. Many don’t want From Software to change their games at all, thinking it would be a betrayal of gaming values. Others want From Software’s games to be open to more players, noting that accessibility features won’t change the game otherwise. Ring of Elden won’t add accessibility features, but director Hidetaka Miyazaki is still listening.


In a conversation posted to the PlayStation Blog, Miyazaki once again touched on the topic of difficulty settings and accessibility features. Miyazaki starts off by saying it’s a “worth talking” but that’s as far as he’s willing to go in terms of acknowledging a problem with Ring of Elden or passed from software games. His follow-up is to say that From’s design philosophy is to encourage players to “overcome adversity” and, somewhat dismissively, he says that From “doesn’t try to force the difficulty” just for fun.

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While Miyazaki doesn’t elaborate further on the idea of ​​difficulty options or accessibility settings for Ring of Elden or future of software games, he talks about the general difficulty of Ring of Elden compared to older From Software games. It is Miyazaki’s belief that Ring of Elden will be completed by more players than previous From Software titles. It does not in any way say that it is an easier game, but rather describes Ring of EldenThe structure of like giving players more options that aren’t all action-oriented.

More specific examples include Ring of EldenThe Freedom Level, which allows players to complete challenges in a more coordinated and organized fashion, as well as the ability to use stealth. Miyazaki thinks that these aspects of Ring of Elden will allow players to move through the game at a “more leisurely pace”.

A domain of Ring of Elden received a few changes from older From Software titles, and in a way that should make it easier if players choose to use the feature. The change is related to Ring of Eldenis multiplayer. Miyazaki says From Software has reduced the number of hoops needed to participate in multiplayer, which means co-op partners should be easier to invite or join. Ring of Elden.

Players will see for themselves if Ring of Eldenthe more open structure of seems “easier” compared to the dark souls and other From Software games. Either way, From Software’s push to introduce accessibility features, especially for game players who have disabilities or impairments, will continue.

Ring of Elden releases February 25 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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