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Kochi: The CPM party congress due to start in Kannur on Wednesday will take key decisions on various issues such as the party’s stance on forming an election deal with parties other than the BJP and Congress ahead of the 2024 parliamentary elections Other issues like replicating the Kerala model, which has proven to be successful in forming successive governments, will also be a key topic likely to be discussed at the party congress.
The political resolution of the party had categorically denied any electoral rapprochement with Congress. Nevertheless, the question will have to be debated at length at the party congress. “Congress is a major party in the country and it can always lead the opposition parties in the fight against the BJP. So I think the CPM will have to deliberate on the matter at the party convention,” said Jacob George, a political observer. “Isolating and weakening Congress may not yield the desired results,” he said.
At the same time, the CPM leadership is of the opinion that maintaining the electoral agreement with the Congress is not a very important issue in the fight against the BJP.
“Our top priority is to fight the BJP. But Congress, on the other hand, lags behind when it comes to tackling the BJP. Even when this party wins, it will indirectly benefit the BJP. Although the people gave mandate to the Madhya Pradesh Congress, the BJP came to power there, thanks to its soft stance towards this party,” CPM Politburo member MA Baby told TOI.
“In Kerala, Rahul Gandhi fought against an LDF candidate in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections rather than wage war on the BJP. The outcome of the recent Assembly elections shows that Congress has weakened in the state,” he said.
“Rahul Gandhi should clarify whether he intends to tackle the left, which closed the BJP’s only account in the Kerala assembly, in the upcoming parliamentary elections,” Baby said. “In the 2004 parliamentary elections, the left won 18 seats in Kerala against UDF candidates. Yet, we gave unconditional support to the formation of the UPA government under the leadership of the Congress to remove the BJP from power. We didn’t seek any kind of benefits to support the UPA,” Baby added.
Meetings of delegates, discussions on various topics, seminars, exhibitions, cultural events, etc., will take place during the five-day event.

Jessica C. Bell