CO2 Pipeline County Council Major Topic – The Breeze-Courier

In other Highways Committee business, the full board approved a motion to execute a joint agreement for federal participation in the Locust No. 3 Bridge with federal funds paying 80%, with funds from the state townships paying 16% and a local counterpart representing 4% of the project. In addition, another motion was moved and passed to appropriate $30,000 for a resolution affecting county bridge funds for the Locust Bridge #3 (Section 19-07116-00-BR).

Regarding courthouse and building issues, Livingston said Bill Kennedy reported to the committee that most of the heating and air conditioning had been converted. He also said work to address the complaint about the slope of the floor at Level 3 was complete. “We are about to carry out the next phase of ground reinforcement. Charles Sampson will complete the job for around $25,000 with Mr. Kennedy supplying the metal. County Treasurer Betty Asmussen posed the question, “Where were these funds going to be paid from?” Because it should be included in the motion. The motion was then withdrawn and moved to new business.

Ray Koonce reviewed the minutes of the April 11, 2022 Executive Committee/Staff meeting. A motion was made and approved to drop the six-month moratorium on the Carbon CO2 project and return it to the committee for review. further discussion and legal advice.

A motion was made and approved to refer to the Personnel Committee for discussion of the separation of the Zoning and Animal Control departments.

Board Member Venice McWard read the minutes of the Audit/Finance/Purchasing/Budget Committee meeting of April 12, 2022. McWard noted that no action was taken. given to a request for an additional jailer. The initial request for a jailer has been reassessed and a second jailer is needed. It was reported that Sheriff Kettelkamp indicated that a check had been received from IDOC for Federal Inmate Housing in the amount of $62,000 which would be more than enough to cover the first year’s salary. a new jailer at a cost of $39,640. No motion was made to approve this request and therefore no action was taken.

McWard brought up a discussion during the committee regarding the accelerated IMRF rate. A motion was made and approved to recommend to the full Board of Directors up to $32,300 plus interest paid for the FRMI.

A motion was presented and approved by the full Board of Directors to approve claims for the month of April.

McWard also responded to a request for money from Vince Harris for the chat room. Harris reported that he was short $34,000 for the cat room and had applied for funds from ARPA for this project. No motion was made and therefore no action was taken.

A discussion took place at the finance committee meeting regarding the payment of a bonus for all county employees who worked from March to December 2020 who will receive a bonus from ARPA funds. The finance committee moved a motion to review ARPA’s applications as a whole and send them back to the committee in June.

A pay scale for full-time educators in the solid waste department has been increased from $36,000 to $38,000. The Finance Committee recommended that the issue of a job description be referred to the Personnel Committee.

Two members of the Coalition to Stop CO2 Pipelines addressed the board with a PowerPoint presentation regarding their concert for a carbon pipeline. Lan and Pam Richart of Eco-Justice Collaborative (ECJ) in Champaign, IL presented the power point, along with a compelling video about the potential dangers if the pipeline were approved. You can view the video at to see an 8″ NB dense phase CO2 pipe rupture that occurred in 2013. EJC’s mission is to educate the public about the consequences of our actions on people and our planet, then advocates personal and political changes that seek harmony with planet Earth, respect all life, value diversity, support ecological sustainability, and result in a fair distribution of the world’s resources.You can visit their website at for more information.

A motion was made and approved to refer a low income housing ordinance back to the staff committee. Christian County Accessor Chad Coady referred to the fact that there is currently a Section 8 housing ordinance and a pilot program ordinance on the books, in addition to the request for a third ordinance on housing for low-income people. Cody said, “It would be an increased tax burden on county ratepayers. I suggest that the board pass an ordinance to withdraw from the program. It would be a nightmare with the bureaucracy. We already have enough. It’s a lot for the county,” Coady said.

In other council news, the following motions were approved:

– Put the old EMA car up for sale
– Bids will be accepted next month for the removal of stumps from the southeast corner of the courthouse lawn.

– Increase salary from $40 per meeting to $100 per meeting for the ZBA. Motion to forward to finance committee approved.

– Refer a motion to the staff/executive committee for a ZBA recommendation to amend the weather tower text.

– Motion made to refer to the Personnel Committee a request for ARPA funds of $1,205 911.

– Motion made to return to the personnel committee for a labor cost of $30,000 to complete the next phase of the courthouse floor support project.

– Amendment motion in the personnel section (point I) concerning the 10% rule.

– Motion to refer to Finance Committee for approval of purchase of DeLay family survey records for $120,000.

– A motion was made and approved to use the courthouse lawn on September 10, 2022 for the annual Dog Days event.

The board met in camera at approximately 9:30 p.m. pursuant to 5 ILCS 120/2(c)(11) Litigation. No action was taken on the closed-door discussion once they returned to open session. They approved the mileage and per diem report and discussed a few names of lawyers to check with regarding environmental issues and/or issues. The meeting is adjourned and the next meeting of the board of directors will take place on Tuesday, May 17, 2022.

Jessica C. Bell