Book explores sex as favorite subject of Filipino cinema

Author Boy Villasanta, (sixth from right), presented his book to the public. The launch was led by National Book Development Board Chairman Dante Ang 2nd and sexy former showbiz stars (left to right) Amanda Amores, Joy Sumilang, Stella L., Maria Isabel Lopez, Jean Saburit, (Boy Villasanta), Aimee Torres, Tessie Tomas, Liz Alindogan and Yvonne Salcedo. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

THE book, SekSinema, by Boy Villasanta, unabashedly explores how sex is repeatedly used as a subject matter in Filipino cinema.

At the in-person launch of Villasanta’s “SekSinema (Gender Images in Philippine Sex Cinema Enfolding Pandemia)” held at the Cinematheque Center of the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) in Manila on April 9, National Book Chairman Development Board, Dante Ang 2nd cited the cultural, economic and socio-political implications of gender as a favorite theme for local films.

Some of the hot former actresses who attended the book launch include Maria Isabel Lopez, Jean Saburit, Tessie Tomas, Amanda Amores, Joy Sumilang, Stella L., Liz Alindogan, Yvonne Salcedo, Aimee Torres; as well as directors Jeffrey Jeturian, Cesar M. Evangelista, Frank G. Rivera, Jek Jumawan; actor Jess Evardone; film critic Nonoy Lauzon; set designer Jay Lozada; and entertainment writers Mike Herrera and Lhar Santiago of GMA News.

Fashion designers and creative artists Albert Figueras, Erick Valeña and Albert Minguez and art director, show producer and social entrepreneur Richard Hiñola also showed up to share their stories of triumphs in Filipino film literature.

Jessica C. Bell