Blanchester returns to the subject of a possible post of administrator

BLANCHESTER — The subject of a possible future post of village administrator has been raised again.

At the Blanchester Village Council meeting on Thursday, council member Joshua Parks offered to create the post, saying he thought the village would benefit.

In his presentation, Parks said the administrator would apply for grants, work with department heads to formulate their budgets, and serve as “an ambassador for the community.” The position would also eliminate the village public affairs board.

The establishment of a village administrator had been discussed in the past. In 2019, the village council tried unsuccessfully to create the post after a referendum was put on the ballot, but 58% of village voters voted against it.

Board member Tyler McCollister indicated that he was not against having an administrator and supported it in the past, but asked: “What do you think the administrator is going to manage for us and ease the burden on the board, so to speak?

Parks said the administrator would be responsible for all departments, including the police, but McCollister said they would not deal with that.

According to the Ohio Revised Code: “The village administrator…. must manage, conduct and control hydraulic works, electric lighting works, artificial or natural gas works or other similar public utilities, supply the supply of water, electricity or gas, and collect all royalties water, electricity and gas.

Parks indicated that since other villages in the county have trustees, Blanchester should do so as well. Board members McCollister and Reilly Hopkins said a committee should be struck to discuss this further.

“It’s a big decision,” Hopkins said. “You are getting rid of an elected council. So, gather some details if you’re sure what you’re selling, then pitch it.

No further action has been taken on this matter.

Also during counseling:

• Council wished Police Chief Scott Reinbolt a happy retirement. The acting leader is Robert Houghton.

Jessica C. Bell