Bayern Munich AGM: Bosses wary of more Qatar fallout at annual meeting

It’s almost time for Bayern Munich’s Annual General Meeting (AGM), which will take place tomorrow (October 15) at 18:00 CEST. Last year’s event, if you recall, was a bit chaotic and resulted in a tense confrontation with a lot of heat all around – and the topics in question are, in any case, even more relevant now, with the Men’s World Cup. coming in November in Qatar and Bayern’s sponsorship partnership with Qatar Airways is up for renewal.

While organized efforts to pressure the club on the issue seemed to take Bayern management by surprise last year, that will likely not be the case this time around. Honorary President Uli Hoeneß has spoken to the press several times over the past few weeks to lay the groundwork for his renewal package, and the club – almost certainly on the same page there – have likely made preparations to avoid the same fallout. As reported by Bild, captured via @iMiaSanMia:

On the other hand, beliefs on this subject may not have simply diminished over the past year, and the club’s apparent standing in opposition – as well as the World Cup opportunity of impending FIFA – may have done little to defuse the situation among those who want their club to go another way.

Bayern have been making efforts since last November in this regard. In July, they convened a roundtable on the Qatar issue this summer and recently provided answers outlining their current positions and seeking to address concerns expressed ahead of the AGM. (We can still cover this document in more detail at BFW, so stay tuned.)

Some topics, it seems, are meant to be uncomfortable and need to be faced. At tomorrow’s AGM, we will know where things stand now.

Jessica C. Bell