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Gurnaaz Kaur

With so many BTS reels and videos, long before the promotions even started, Saunkan Saunkane’s team has already generated a lot of excitement for the upcoming film. Starring Sargun Mehta, Ammy Virk and Nimrit Khaira in the lead roles, Amarjit Singh Saron’s production is based on a relatively unexplored subject in the Punjabi film industry. A couple married for more than six years lose hope of having a child. That’s when the wife (Sargun Mehta) convinces her husband (Ammy Virk) to marry his sister (Nimrat Khaira). While she wants to bring a girl she can trust and coexist with, things happen far from her imagination. And if you thought having two wives would have made Ammy’s life all about joy, think again.

So when the sisters become co-wives and have to share a husband, the catfights begin. Although it does hint at a lot of tension, one look at the trailer and you know viewers are in for a blast. The feuds between Sargun and Nimrat, their attempts to win Ammy’s heart; his helplessness, his mother Nirmal Rishi’s anger at the whole mess, the Saunkan Saunakne trailer and the team’s social media posts created a lot of buzz.

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More than the chemistry of established Pollywood on-screen couple Sargun and Ammy, it’s the chemistry between Sargun and Nimrat that wins hearts. But it all started on the Saunkan Saunkane sets. “We knew each other since we are in the same industry, but we had hardly met or exchanged before this film. We have forged a strong bond of friendship now,” the two leading ladies share. There are scenes where these women get physical; from pulling each other’s hair to a slap here, a punch there – none of this, they say, was made up. “No camera tricks or pretense, the scene is real. In fact, we hit each other and even Ammy, as the script demanded. But there was no hard feelings to the end of such scenes. “If anything, we would just wait for the director to say cut so we could laugh out loud and kiss.”

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A subject of the 80s where IVF and surrogacy were hardly an option, Sargun adds: “I have a domestic helper, who is the second wife and there are many others who have been through this story that we tell in the film.” But presenting a sensitive topic in the most comedic way possible was a conscious decision. Sargun explains, “The lockdown has made our lives so dull and boring. So our team knew we had to put in as much laughter and humor as possible. Based on the response to the trailer and songs, we’ve found the right chord.

Nimrat is a popular name in the Punjabi music world, but it was only recently that she joined the film industry. Does playing the lead as the music takes over in the backseat? “No, it can never be. I’m also focused on both mediums and there are new songs ready to be released. I worked on these films during the lockdown, it’s just that now we finally get to get them out and enjoy them to the fullest.”

While Sargun was inclined to tell the story to the public, both as an actress and a producer, Nimrit’s recent experience with Amberdeep Singh (screenwriter of the film) gave her the confidence to play a side role in the beginning. of her acting career. These ladies agree that there has been a paradigm shift in the way women are viewed in the Punjabi film industry. Sargun says, “Like every other branch of the Indian film industry, even in Pollywood, it’s not about the actor anymore; it’s about the story. If the story is strong, who plays the main role becomes secondary. Content is foremost and you can witness the change in approach in recently released Punjabi movies.

Jessica C. Bell