Axis deer management is the topic of Monday’s board committee meeting: Maui Now

Axis Deer (September 14, 2020). PC: DLNR Hawaii.

The Infrastructure and Transportation Committee will meet at 9 a.m. Monday to discuss potential solutions and updates regarding axis deer management in Maui County.

Council member Yuki Lei Sugimura, who chairs the committee, made the announcement saying, “Our main goal is to combat overpopulation by finding ways to mitigate and control axis deer. We continue to see them move into rural and residential areas, where they create safety hazards, destroy our livestock’s food source and cause environmental damage.

In September 2021, the Maui Axis Deer Task Force was formed to deal with the spiraling growth of the Axis Deer population. Sugimura said the work of the task force — in partnership with Mayor Michael Victorino, local farmers and ranchers, and representatives from all levels of government — has helped create funding sources and programs to address the issues. environmental and economic problems caused by overpopulation.


Sugimura said experts estimate there are 60,000 or more deer on Maui. In response to the deer crisis, Governor David Ige issued a fourth proclamation on September 20, establishing another period of emergency relief for the Axis deer crisis in Maui County.

The Infrastructure and Transportation Committee expects to receive updates from the following county officials:

  • Economic Development Bureau Director Jo Ann Inamasu on Axis Deer Aid Funding
  • Curtis Jamison, Grants Management Program Manager for the Department of Housing and Human Concerns, on Axis Deer Relief Grants Updates
  • Weston Yap, assistant director of agriculture, on the Axis deer composting program.

The committee will also hear from Susie Thieman, executive director of Lōkahi Pacific, on the Axis Deer Relief Assistance Program, and Dr. Kyle Caires, animal scientist at the University of Hawaii, on the Kula Agricultural Park. and axis deer attenuation.


Members of the public can view the meeting on Akakū Channel 53 and testify via the videoconference link or the phone number listed in the meeting agenda at

In addition to receiving testimony in person, by telephone and by videoconference, the committee will accept written testimony. For instructions on submitting a written testimonial, please visit

Jessica C. Bell