Accidental Wolf Renewed About Season 3

“The Accidental Wolf,” the thriller web drama from First Look Entertainment’s streaming platform Topic, has been greenlit for a third season, TheWrap exclusively learned Monday.

The series is the brainchild of writer/director Arian Moayed, who plays Stewy Hosseini in HBO’s Emmy hit Succession.

Originally conceived as a movie, it was turned into a web series in 2017, landing an Emmy Award nomination for Tony-winning Kelli O’Hara as Katie, a Manhattanite who receives a phone call from a dying man pleading for help for his pregnant and injured wife, Tala. Despite being told the call was a prank, a story her husband (Mike Doyle) believes, Katie begins the dangerous task of trying to find Tala.

The revamped series debuted on Topic in November 2020 and the second season premiered on the platform on December 30, 2021.

In Season 2, Katie’s family threatens to nurse her and take away her daughter for refusing to give up her obsessive search for the truth.

In the four-episode third season, Katie will go on the run with a mysterious woman (“When They See Us” Emmy-nominated Marsha Stephanie Blake), who is also looking for answers in the deadly cover-up.

“Where will Katie go next?” Has Tala been found? Where do drones come from? There is nothing more exciting than being able to complete a story, talk about the times we live in, and complete a journey to enlightenment. Who is the accidental wolf? Moayed said about the third season of the series.

“In all its versions, ‘The Accidental Wolf’ has been delivered with empathy, gratitude and the belief that there is a way to continue to build and deepen this story. Season 3 continues in this tradition through the generosity and to the resilience of a special community of artists. At the heart of it all is Arian’s uncanny ability as a storyteller to make human beings feel seen, heard and understood,” said executive producer Damon. Ohlia.

“We’ve seen Arian’s vision for ‘The Accidental Wolf’ grow from the initial mystery and intrigue of Season 1, to the plot strength of the now available second season, to the brink finale. from your seat that concludes Season 3,” said Topic General Manager Ryan Chanatry.

Gena Konstantinakos, VP of Originals at Topic, added, “Arian is an author with a very strong point of view on the world. It uses suspenseful entertainment to say something that matters, which is exactly what we look for in a Topic Original.

The cast of the series includes Judith Ivey, Sahr Ngaujah, Denis O’Hare and Laurie Metcalf.

Joining the ensemble in Season 3 are Ngozi Anyanwu, Orlagh Cassidy, Chris Henry Coffey, Olli Haaskivi, Aasif Mandvi, Joe Mantello, Michael Rady, James Udom, Hend Ayoub and Bisserat Tseggai.

The third season of “The Accidental Wolf” is produced by Moayed, Owlia, Chanatry, Konstantinakos and Gregory Franklin of Franklin Theatrical Group, as well as Jayne Baron Sherman of Mom’s Money Productions.

Jessica C. Bell