A difficult subject with many facets | Letters to the Editor

What a unique way Chowning Popper and Yedida Kanfor, the two card-carrying ACLU volunteers, began in their guest perspective piece, “End ICE Transfers” in the March 2 Daily Journal.

Do a Disney movie comparison with an immigrant mother of triplets separating from her husband while fleeing their home country and segue that into ICE’s role in the arrest and deportation of thousands of people to the United States. Going on to tug at the hearts of their readers by claiming that this is done without regard to the “trauma… inflicted on the families… of those detained”.

I want an agency like ICE, whose mission is to protect us from cross-border crime and illegal immigration. Both authors want to blame ICE for unlawfully incarcerating and deporting immigrants who have committed criminal activity in their own country and fled to the United States or who have committed crimes here.

I could go on about the gang activity that plagues our cities where murders, gang wars, illegal drug dealing happens regularly and without ICE it would be so much worse. But instead, I’ll ask Mrs. Popper and Kanfor what they would say to the mother of her three young children and their chaperone heinously killed by their father at a Sacramento church recently. This after ICE requested that they be notified after overstaying his visa and in the country illegally and being arrested for resisting arrest, assaulting a police officer and DUI. Unfortunately, they were not informed due to the so-called sanctuary law.

What would you say to that grieving mother, ladies?

Jessica C. Bell